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Buddy Club P-1 Limited EVO bucket racing seat

The brand new Buddy Club P-1 Racing Limited bucket seat is designed for ultimate racing and road performance. Compared to over 90% of other brands of bucket seats in the market, its one-piece reinforced outer shell made of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is tougher and provides exceptional resistance to distortion. With perfect ergonomic design, anti-slip shoulder material, and sturdy side support, the seat not only offers excellent stability but also ensures comfort during daily use.

The Buddy Club P-1 Racing Limited bucket seat is compatible with 4/5/6-point safety belts, making it suitable for both track days and racing events. 

  1. Stronger design compared to over 90% of other brands, offering better resistance to distortion and preventing side bending.

  2. Specially reinforced side support for better stability.

  3. Compatible with 4/5/6-point safety belts, suitable for racing and track days.

  4. Available in M/L sizes, suitable for all body types of drivers.



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