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Buddy Club's Sport Spec Full Coilovers are the perfect full coilover kit for street or circuit use. They are cost effective, yet still extremely high performance. With a urethane isolated aluminum upper mount design (on select applications), specifically engineered spring rates, damper adjustability, and ride height adjustment capabilities, the Sport Spec Damper can accommodate any driver's preferences.

Buddy Club Sport Spec Damper Honda Civic (FC) 2016+

Spring Rates: 7k Front / 3.7k Rear

* Brand new Damper design, utilizing a  44mm  precision machined inner piston and tube; to insure amazing ride quality, performance, and damper life span.

* 19 Way Adjustable Damping and Rebound, along with Separate Ride Height and Preload adjustments, allow for precise Damper tuning to any driver's specs.

* Newly designed Top Hats, Bump Stops and Shock Boots. This new design provides longer life to not only the components themselves, but also helps decrease wear on the damper.

* All of the Sport Spec Damper's Components go through a special anti- corrosion coating process, that not only works great but looks great too.



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